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+Spooky Crypt+

No grave robbing!

+Welcome to my Journal+

About the Spooky Girl
Aspiring artist, college student, proud mother to a rabbit, self proclaimed "Artist-hippie-nerdy-tradgoth", Pagan, tea addict, active gamer, closet fangirl, easily amused, inner child, movie buff, music blaster, hothead, lazy ass, wannabe model/photographer, video editor, and big dreamer.

Art, New Age material, Yoga/Reiki, video games, music, reading, writing, anime/manga, comic books, various movies and tv shows, concerts, gardening, fangirling around, editing videos, chilling with fubes, school (it's not that bad) doodling on the back of peoples heads.

Other places you'll find her lurking
++Deviantart+Youtube+Tumblr+Last FM+Facebook+GaiaOnline+Newgrounds++

As of now I have my journal public but most personal stuff I'll keep as friends only.

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